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What’s New at Viking Ocean and River Cruises

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Viking’s most popular river cruise is the Grand European Tour.  This 15-day river cruise sails both the Rhine and Danube rivers and sails from Amsterdam to Budapest.  Also popular : Romantic Danube and Rhine Getaway

Viking most popular ocean cruise is the Viking Homelands cruise. This 15-day ocean cruise sails Northern Europe and includes stops in Norway, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Estonia, Finland, and Russia. Also popular : Italian Sojourn and Rhine & Viking Shores & Fjords

There are special offers on these sailings and others with significant discounts and free or reduced airfare.  Call us at 800.365.1445 for details.

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Viking will launch new expedition voyages in 2022, with its first two 378-guest sister ships, Viking Octantis and Viking Polaris, with voyages that range from 8 to 44 days.

Designed by the same experienced nautical architects and engineers that designed Viking ocean ships, the ships are optimally sized and built for expeditions – small enough to navigate remote polar regions and the St. Lawrence River, while large enough to provide superior handling and stability in the roughest seas. The ships will feature public spaces that are familiar to Viking’s ocean cruise guests but that have been reimagined for expeditions, as well as new public spaces created specifically for expeditions. Straight bows, longer hulls and state-of-the-art fin stabilizers will allow the ships to glide over the waves for the calmest possible journey; ice-strengthened Polar Class 6 hulls will provide the safest way to explore; and U-tank stabilizers will significantly decrease rolling by up to 50 percent when the ships are stationary. Learn More about Viking Expedition Cruises.

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There is no advantage to booking directly with Viking. In fact, there are often monetary and service incentives to booking Viking cruises through one of their Certified Master Viking Cruise Advisors.  These incentives and complimentary perks include available shipboard credit, (up to as much as $400 a couple ) not available directly from Viking. Plus the services of the same advisor from the very start of the planning process to follow-up after your cruise.  At the cruise line you'll be connected to call center agents that you're likely never get to speak to twice again,  as the chances are slim that you reach the same person, every time you call the cruise line for help.

How to Book a Viking Ocean or River Cruise

We’re here to help you navigate the many options available to river and ocean cruising. With so many offers, and incentives by Viking, deciding which cruise to take, when to go, and what to do once you get there can often seem overwhelming.

We are among a select group of leading experts regarding Viking Cruises. Take advantage of our 20 years+ experience and expertise. We offer FREE planning help, with never an obligation to book. Call us at 800.365.1445. The call is free and so is the advice.

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We travel to explore, to learn, to understand. We believe travel should be more than just a trip, it should be a doorway to cultural insight & personal enrichment. These intimate, inclusive river and ocean cruise itineraries are designed .to help you explore nuances of your destination: its food, culture, people & customs.
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