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We minimize the threat of explosive disruptions and loss of life by early detection. Our explosive detection K9 teams are on the front lines in our efforts to remediate terrorist actions by providing the most effectively proven methods to keep people and property free from harm.

Since the 1940s, the use of canines in bomb detection has become so refined that in 2010, government sources reported that the dog proved to be “the best bomb detector” in their entire nineteen billion dollar budget.

Trained certified explosive detection canine teams (EDCT) have proven themselves to be an extremely accurate, cost-effective means of screening. Technology has yet to outperform canine teams.

When a Stapleton team “sweeps” an area, it's a safe and effective method of minimizing the concern surrounding questionable packages. Notably, normal operations are able to continue avoiding unnecessary evacuations or shutdowns.

And realizing that all bomb detection teams are not necessarily created equal, we continue to remind the public that the name Stapleton has been recognized as the forerunner in training and program design for over 30 years.

Stapleton's Explosive Detection Training Program is based on a system created and perfected by our founder, Michael Stapleton. It consists of a single handler concept supported by canines that are encouraged to learn through "play reward" training, which has proven to produce their total immersion and participation.

Our training facility is located on eleven acres in pristine rural surroundings in a rural area. Its scenic makeup belies the state-of-the-art infrastructure created to house and train canines and handlers in the unique team concept of explosive detection.

Our main building is a 100' x 42' structure built on a concrete slab with radiant heat and drainage. The walls and ceiling area are insulated metal 20' high. The height is important as it allows for entry of large trucks and stacks of boxes and cargo. The front entrance is retractable, allowing the entry of vehicles and other equipment used in carrying out the training exercises. Everything is designed to create realistic challenges and real world scenarios.

Aside from fully equipped classrooms with modern training aids and first class living amenities for both canines and handlers, the facility has a storage building for explosives that is in full conformance with all specifications governing the rules and regulations set down by the Department of Homeland Security. Our training with real explosives in real settings always leads to higher accuracy rates and overall positive detection abilities.  

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