The number One Source for Everything in Privacy Curtains


You can count on us: PatientPrivacyCurtains.com is the leading source of custom-made cubicle curtains perfect for hospitals, clinics, and all other institutional settings. We continue to earn our reputation for customer satisfaction by delivering outstanding service, striving for excellence in our personal and professional relationships. We are committed to serving you right at your facility with all the latest and new trending designs.

About us: PatientPrivacyCurtains.com is a division of the parent company, Designers Workroom LLC, established in New York in 2002. Designers Workroom works exclusively with leading NYC decorators on high-end residential projects. Taking pride in this area we began to recognize the importance of patients feeling peaceful in their surroundings at doctors' offices, hospitals, or recovery rooms, just as we would design for them at home. Services include the following:

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▪︎ A wide selection of colors and patterns.

▪︎ Products that meet all NYC Regulatory Standards.

▪︎ Products that can be Shipped Nationwide.

▪︎ Custom Curtain Fabrication to exact client specifications.

▪︎ On-Time Delivery and Installations.

▪︎ Snap-On Disposables for easy removal without a ladder.

▪︎ Products that meet the standards for being Antimicrobial,

  Stain Resistant, and Environmentally Friendly.

▪︎ One-Year Warranty.

The number One Source for Everything in Privacy Curtains


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If you have an idea of what product style and color you would like, a PatientPrivacyCurtain.com representative will schedule a convenient time to show you samples. Even if you're unsure, we can show you styles and colors to compliment all surroundings. All you have to do is call or email to get us both involved in the process.

Ask Us about our full line of


that are perfect for:

▪︎Trauma Centers  ▪︎Intensive Care Units

▪︎Patient Rooms  ▪︎Isolation Rooms

and other areas that could benefit from a cost effective, hygienic, attractive, and easy to install privacy curtain. All the evidence proves that pathogens left on the curtains are transferable when handled by the healthcare workers and visitors' hands. This is very dangerous and has been associated with Mersa infections.

    ✔︎ Lightweight, durable, & 100% recylable.

    ✔ ︎Easy to use Snap Panel System.

    ✔︎ Simply unsnap and remove, then replace

        with fresh panels, easy as 1-2-3.

    ✔︎ Reduces storage and saves staff time

        on removal.