Sparkey Harlan, Ex. Director/CEO of  Bill Wilson Center

that serviced over 10,000 homeless/runaway kids in Silicon

Valley last year, chats with Yau Gene Chan and Cedrick

Chan of the International Technological University in San

Jose during the Press conference at Kepler's Bookstore

Cass Warner, filmmaker, author and granddaughter

of Harry Warner, founding member of Warner Brothers.



The DIGITAL MEDIA FESTIVAL & EXPO was launched this week in Silicon Valley at the historic Kepler's Book Store in Menlo Park.  Festival staff and new media producers, program heads, authors, filmmakers, photographers, and entrepreneurs joined some of the Festival staff to discuss the beginning plans for the September 1st & 2nd StartUp two day event leading to the April 18-22, 2013 five day Festival and Expo.   That'll not only celebrate the music history of Silicon Valley and the San Francisco scene, but will trace some of the

history of the Silicon Valley.


Sparkey Harlan, Executive Director/CEO of the Bill Wilson Center in Silicon Valley, joined by Cedrick Chan the Department Chair of Digital Arts and VP of Media Productions at the International Technological University in San Jose, and Yau Gene Chan, President and Chief Executive Officer also from ITU,  Cass Warner, granddaughter of Harry Warner the one of the founding brothers of Warner Brothers, award winning author, photographer, and filmmaker/author/photographer Chris Felver, filmmaker Eric Christensen, both Bay Area filmmakers talked some about their films that will screen at the Sept 1 & 2nd DMF StartUp event.



South by Southwest meets the Consumer Electronic Show and the Sundance Film

Festival twice a year in Silicon Valley.  An Expo and Festival where funders, founders,

celebrities, entrepreneurs, film and digital media producers, press, technology firms,

programmers, green developers, engineers, technology companies, meetup groups,

and others involved with the historic convergence of technology, social networking and

the entertainment business will come together in Silicon Valley California and online


Len Johnson, retired IBM executive, DMF Adviser, and

panel member for the festival talks, with Pam Grange

from the historic Kepler's Book Store in Menlo Park

Chris Felver, filmmaker/author/photographer from the

Bay area will show his film "Ferlinghetti" and set on

the History of Silicon Valley and Music Conference



Most of the events in 2012 and 2013 will take place in Mountain View, Menlo Park, Palo

Alto, and with some events in San Francisco and San Jose in the year 2014.  Some of the

venues included will be the Computer Museum, Kepler's Book Store, the Guild Theater,

Dragon Theater, Stanford Park Hotel, Zibibbo, and more to be announced down the road.

Flagship location for the September 1 & 2 event is the history Kepler's Book Store at 1010

El Camino Real in Menlo Park.


Beyond the actual festival in Silicon Valley, the Digital Media Festival will be online world

wide segments streaming live, and available virtually live 24/7/365.  If you Bing or Yahoo search Digital Media Festival we are #1.  During the event in Silicon Valley the festival will Skype some of the producers and guest from other states and countries into the festival audience.  The festival will be programmed on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube,, and the Festival's HD channel, in a partnership with James Caan, Robert Duvall, and Scott Caan via their Independent premium video sharing website.


During the April 2013 Festival and Expo, there will be simultaneous events in Hong Kong,

France, India, Los Angeles, and from a vineyard Paso Robles, California.  DMF will be truly International, Interactive and on the cutting edge of technology.  Festival founder and producer Benford Standley has been in the entertainment business for 40 plus years, working with the likes of Bob Dylan, Merle Haggard, Eric Clapton, Les Paul, and many others, and ventured into live streaming on the Internet in 1995, and with a online concert in 1997 with Willie Nelson.  His first "Digital Film Festival" was in 2008, and was

attended by Clint Eastwood, Kevin Bacon, producer Sir Nigel Sinclair, Ramblin' Jack

Elliott, Johnny Rivers and many greats in film and music.  Standley is presently relocating

to Silicon Valley and pledges to keep the festivals changing with the times.


Streaming, Internet TV, VOD, multimedia, digital media & mobile is no doubt the future of

the entertainment business.  With the next year seeing the release and further development

of Internet Television, and the huge paradigm shift taking place in the film and television

business, a new evolution of film festivals is now evolving with our Digital Media Festival. 

The word "film" is becoming obsolete, and  "The Times They Are A-Changin'" and

exponentially at that!


We are very excited at the lineup for the September 2012, and the April 2013, festivals. 

The feature movies, documentaries, shorts and sections on photography and music will

take the participants into the future of entertainment.  With the September lineup of films

being programmed with the story line and theme FROM FILM TO THE DIGITAL AGE,

we'll travel through history with Cass Warner's "The Brothers Warner" about the history

of Warner Brothers.  Chris Felver's "Ferlinghetti," about Lawrence Ferlinghetti, who

helped spark the San Francisco literary renaissance of the 1950s and the subsequent

"Beat" movement.  Filmmaker Eric Christensen will show his documentary on an im-

portant event known as the "Trips Festival 1966", Erin Murphy, who's dad Dudley

Murphy directed the classic movie "Saint Louis Blues" with Bessie Smith, will screen

the movie and talk about those early days of film.


Jerry Garcia, Len Dell'Amico, Allison Sullivan and Bob Weir

from "Hell in a Bucket 1987"


The festival will pay special tribute to producer/director Len Dell'Amico, who is known

as the Grateful Dead's "video guy," and screening his new feature movie "Welcome To

Dopeland" and his concert documentary on the Jerry Garcia Band, most of which was

shot at the Shoreline Amphitheater in Silicon Valley.  This all during a special day at the historic Kepler's Book Store in Menlo Park, where he will be joined by Stanford professor Fred Turner, who authored the book "From CounterCulture to CyberCulture: Stewart Brand, the Whole Earth Network, and the Rise of Digital Utopianism," Chris Felver,

Eric Christensen, and Nicholas Meriwether, the Grateful Dead archivist at the

University of Santa Cruz in a panel discussion on the history of Silicon Valley, the

Grateful Dead and the Digital Age...


Last, but very certainly not least, the festival will be dedicated to help bring attention to

the historic plight of homeless and runaway children and youth, in the Silicon Valley,

California and the world.  Attending the festival, where we will be making a challenge to

Silicon Valley programmers, engineers, and technology companies to design and create

new ideas to help The Bill Wilson Center, that serves over 10,000 youth and their family

members every year in the Silicon Valley, will be Sparky Harlan Executive Director of

the Center.  Just last month she returned from Washington DC, where the President

honored Ms. Harlan and fifteen other people in the Nation as leaders in this effort to help

homeless children in the United States.  Sparky and some of the kids from the Center

will be part of the Festival each year.  In April actress Dyan Cannon will screen her new

documentary on runaways that live in the streets of Hollywood, California.


Filmmaker Eric Christensen, Chris Felver & Festival Founder/Producer Benford Standley

Date, times, locations and more surprise guests can be found on the festival website at:  



650-223-0300, or email

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