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Bill Gains Audio


Benford and Clint Eastwood



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Benford E. Standley Bio

Willie, Benford & Ramblin Jack

Patrice Poujol, is Festival

International Liaison for the

Digital Media Festival and has

been working with and in Film

Festivals in China, Hong Kong,

France, Ireland, and the USofA.


Richard Bastian

Festival Official Photographer

News photographer for 35 years, from

television, to hard news, events and nature.

Sheena Morjaria, is the

Festival's Liaison to India and

other areas of the world...





Chris Andrews

Some weeks back I lost a friend and

the festival lost a friend and partner. 

Chris lived in Silicon Valley and was

was a great help to me in navigating

the 'festival to Silicon Valley and was helping me line up some funding, locations, and general help as a

great partner in this venture.


He'll be missed as a friend, the festival

will miss his expertise, and I want to

dedicate the festival to him this year,

and we will be working to name one

of our awards after him.   More later...

Len Johnson, event coordinator

and retired IBM executive

& Festival Adviser




Chris Felver Festival Advisor

 with Daivd Amram, Chris haslong list of

projects that he has produced, films made,

honors received and books.written.

Benford & Norm Sancho, Festival Stage

Mg If there is a stage, music, lights and sound

Norm can Manage pre, load-in, show time...

load-out  and play bass and sing vocal...

Darwin Denny filmmaker

and tech assistant to

the Festival Producer



Davanh Phay

Festival hostess and Assist to the Producer,

actress, model, spokesperson, wine taster and

production asst. for 3 years to Fest Producer

Ramblin' Jack with Dan Jones,  Dan is adviser

and on the Buffalo Benford Production Team

Native American in American Producers Guild and

past Chairman/Chief of the Ponka Nation, Oklahoma



Adam Ruiz, is studying

film and participated in film

projects with Changing

Lenses Group through

Questa College, has

years of experience with cultivating wine vineyards,

and works in the Digital

Media Festival Home





If you would like to donate, or have special skills

that you think would work helping us in the production...

send email to:






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