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Following are some of the producers, directors, technologists, filmmakers, speakers,

celebs, authors, dreamers and characters that we have confirmed for the Digital

Media tour Silicon Valley in September and April...


Over the months until the StartUp event in September and the Festival in April 2013, we will build this list with a large number of people from Venture Capitol, the tech sector, digital entrepreneurs, and the entertainment business.


Panels will be held in a number of locations in Menlo Park, Mountain View and Palo Alto, including Kepler's Book Store, Computer Museum, several hotel conference rooms, and others TBA.


Go see some of their work at:  SCREENINGS


Subject matter for talks and discussions:   PANELS

RIP Chris Andrews- Some weeks back I lost a friend and the festival

lost a friend and partner.  Chris lived in Silicon Valley and was a

great help to me in navigating the festival to Silicon Valley and was

helping me line up some funding, locations, and general help as a

great partner in this venture.  He'll be missed as a friend, the festival

will miss his expertise, and I want to dedicate the festival to him this

year, and we will be working to name one of our awards after him. 

More later...


Chris Andrews areas of expertise are emerging technologies, Internet marketing, product launch,

digital media, innovation and invention, intellectual property development and marketing, wireless,

online video, ebooks, digital music/entertainment, and social networking.  He has been managing

the digital properties for the Grammy Awards and being Executive Producer of the Grammy

Webcast.  He has worked with respected companies such as IBM, HP, and Apple on major

projects, Chris is the author of a book published in 1993 about the birth of digital media.  Chris founded Livecast, an early webcasting company that developed a production console for large-

scale live event broadcasting.  He has a number of patents for network systems and is in the

process of launching SoundLink, and has been re-elected to the Board of Governors of the

Recording Academy (Grammy Awards).



Len Del'Amico  Len first worked with Grateful Dead in 1980 on "Dead Ahead," the band's live

TV broadcast and platinum home video. He was the band's "film and video guy" for the next 11 years. Dell'Amico and Jerry Garcia co-directed "So Far," the top-selling music video of 1988,

which won the American Film Institute's award for best long-form music program. He directed and/or produced many concert films and music videos with such artists as Sarah Vaug han,

Herbie Hancock, the Allman Brothers Band, Linda Ronstadt, Blues Traveler, Carlos Santana,

Ray Charles, Reuben Blades, Bonnie Raitt, and of course, Grateful Dead.  Len directed the

Super Session Live 1986 "Fats Domino & Friends--Immortal Keyboards of Rock & Roll with

Jerry Lee Lewis, Ray Charles, Paul Shaffer and Ron Wood.  The Jerry Garcia Estate had Len

direct the documentary "Jerry Garcia Band: Live At Shoreline."  He's produced and directed specials for Pay-Per-View, network TV, HBO/Cinemax, MTV and others.  We read that he is

"the master of the multi-camera shoot.



Jeff Allen is a frequent public speaker at trade shows and conferences on the subjects of technology innovation, venture capital and M&A in the digital media sector. Currently head of

M&A for KIT digital, the global leader in providing on-line video software and infrastructure to the world's largest telcos and enterprises.  Jeff is a known expert at developing aggressive product, competitive strategy and financial plans involving build vs. acquire scenarios - and then leading

the product management and engineering teams to deliver.  Actively engaged in leading-edge mobile, connected TV and game console initiatives involving IP video and casual games, and

have access to top iOS, Java, Android and connected TV engineering resources.   Jeff is

presently Sr. Vice President Corp.  Development at KIT Digital, Inc and CEO at Andelan




Elena Altman is the Founder, CEO and Production Manager of MMTB - Movie Making Throughout the Bay.  Elena has acted in 31 short films, produced 104 shorts films, directed 18 shorts, DP on6 shorts and has written/directed/edited/produced a feature.  She is a entrepreneur that created MMTB solely based out of Facebook, where the non profit organization has grown with over 4,300 members in their group, 2,400 likes and over 800 people registered for their filming events. MMTB supports the efforts of filmmakers, performers and industry professionals throughout the Bay Area by providing a collaborative, supportive and fun environment for them to create, connect and succeed.  Every 2nd Saturday of the month they film and screen, give

awards and network at their events.



Chuck Banner between 1990 and 1995 was working as Executive in Charge of Production on

two nationally syndicated series, "It's Showtime At the Apollo" and "Uptown comedy Club" and

on two movies of the week, "With Murder in Mind" starring Elizabeth Montgomery and "The Sea

Wolf" with Charles Bronson and Christopher Reeve.  For years Chuck worked with his father Bob

Banner, who created and produced shows like "The Carole Burnet Show," "Solid Gold," "Candid

Camera," and many others.  Chuck also has served as General Manager and VP of Advertising

and Marketing for Duke City Video, the 2nd largest film and television equipment rental facility in

the United States.  He also produced PBS "Amazing Music Jazz with Billy Taylor, Roy Hargrove

and the Dallas Symphony, which he directed , produced and edited.  He now is President of

Banner Caswell TV in Hollywood.



Susie Baker is Native American; enrolled with the Ponca Tribe of Nebraska and is currently on the ballot and running for a seat on council of the Ponca Tribe. Career has been in the legal area for the past 25 year. Currently employment for the past 13 years with Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP.  Susie is an activist and advocate for Native Americans and environmental issues, also Indian Child welfare Act, White Clay Nebraska, Cabon Black Issues, Murdered Native Americans,  many more issues of land, water, Constitutions and Treaties..Susie is partner with Wagaspi in many areas such as Education, Business Development, Culture Exchange, Tourism, Casino- Native Gaming, Golf, Travel, Historical Understanding, Tribal Institution Development, Art and Music, that will bring positive impact for Native American..



Ester Brym is from Prague, Czech Republic and is a producer and editor.  In 1997 she moved to

New York City to pursue studies in filmmaking.  She worked as an editor in independent cinema

until 2008, when she decided to move to LA to direct her first feature film "Butterflies". 

The film is about YouTubers, is the first film that puts YouTube on a big screen and introduces

the world to social media.  "Butterflies is the first film, that profiles the life of Internet celebrity as

a new phenomenon," says journalist Veronika Bednarova in her article Reflex.  The film has won

a number of film festival awards.  Ester is finishing her next documentary on the historic Highway

Rt. 66, raising some of the money on Kickstarter and through social networking. 



Jason Buktenica is the Founder and CEO of Maverick Reporting, Inc., a national legal services firm.  Jason is a sought after consultant providing services for the nation’s largest and most recognized law firms, corporations and legal organizations.  He is an entrepreneur that has driven the crossover from hard copy to digital media firsthand, creating legal seminars and training attorneys and legal assistants  to use digital media to file legal documents.  His company utilizes digital media daily to produce everything from witness testimony clips for trial to instant visual display of witness testimony.  As one of the foremost experts in the area of legal digital media, Jason has developed and sold millions of dollars of legal services throughout the United States.



Eric Christensen directed and produced The Trips Festival Movie "Long before there were raves

and the Burning Man Festival, there was the Trips Festival (1966)..."  Raised in San Francisco,

and early in life was into a career in music and media, that soon found Eric working the Cow

Palace shows that included the Supremes, Righteous Brothers, Sonny and Cher, The Byrds and

two shows by the Beatles.  Late sixties, Eric helped produce the "People's Park Bail Benefit"

concerts at Winterland and the Longshoremen's Hall with the Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane,

Santana, Joan Baez, and others.  His career in films began with a doc focusing on the life of

Tibetan refugees with an interview with The Dalai Lama.  Eric traveled to Japan to document the

"Save the Whale" Rolling Coconut Review concert, and being one of the founding producers of

Video West he was involved in producing some of the earliest rock videos and stories for the new

MTV Network.  We will screen his doc "The Trips Festival," with the likes of Stewart Brand, Ken

Kesey, Bill Graham, Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead, and many of the characters of the counter-

 cultural scene in the Bay Area.   



Gary Conway has an extraordinary creative background from the fine arts to the arts of film, tv,

viticulture and winemaking, it was in television where Gary  first became recognized worldwide,

initially starring in the TV series "Burke's Law," then "Land of the Giants," the world’s most

successful TV series.  Besides starring in series and a multitude of episodic television shows

and TV movies for the three networks, he starred in many motion pictures.  He's also a prominent

screenwriter with such credits as “Over the Top,” and the “American Ninja” series.  He currently

directed and starred in the acclaimed film “Woman’s Story.”  Gary is also an accomplished

writer and painter and received the Paso Digital Film Festival Renaissance Media Award in 2010.

Gary is on the cutting edge of where new media is converging with filmmaking and television and

will be heading up a very interesting panel on "Art, Filmmaking and Wine."  You can see more

on Gary and his beautiful wife Marian's winery and read his blog at:



Dawn Engle-author, filmmaker, co-director of award-winning documentary film, "PEACEJAM"

co-authored the book, "Simple Acts of Peace", published by Penguin, and directed the award

winning documentary "2012: The True Mayan Prophecy".  She has been nominated 6 times for

the Nobel Peace Prize.  Dawn is the Executive Director at PeaceJam Foundation, that has been

bringing 12 Nobel Peace Laureates together for a series of dialogues on humanity, and she is a

Colleague at Nobel Women's Initiative.  Dawn was a Washington politico who became the

youngest female chief of staff in the U.S. Senate working for Wisconsin Rep. Robert Kasten. 

She travels the world, encouraging young people through schools and youth groups to initiate

projects to benefit local communities, with more than 600,000 young people involved.  She has

just released a new documentary "Mayan Renaissance" PeaceJam  now has 11 Nobel Peace Laureates on its board.



Christopher Felver is a photographer and filmmaker. His new film "Ferlinghetti" was produced with Bruce Ricker, long time partner with Clint Eastwood, and will be screened at at our Festival.  Chris also produced/directed "West Coast Beat and Beyond", "Cecil Taylor: All the Notes" and

has released some incredible books on music past and present.  His work has been exhibited internationally, and his works are collected by numerous libraries and museums, including

Stanford University Special Collections.  He participated in the 53rd Venice International Film Festival, and screened films in festivals and museums around the globe, including presentations

at the Library of Congress, he received the Best Art Documentary Awards at the Cinema Arts Centre Independent Film Festival, and he was a Visiting Artist at the American Academy in




Rich Ferguson  is a magician, creative consultant and author. He was recently featured on the Ellen Degeneres Show where she told him, "You're a freak!" Rich was awarded the Gold Metal

from the Magic Castle for interactive styled magic and holds over a dozen world records in card

and coin manipulation. Rich combines magic, mentalism and comedy into a unique form of interactive magic that he shares at corporate events and exclusive parties all over the world. Besides creating magic and entertainment related products, he is also a spokesperson for Big Brothers Big Sisters as well as motivates youth and youth groups with his Magic Maker™ motivational program.  Watch Rich  on Ellen  visit his website at:



Lauren Francesca grew up backstage, in the audience of Broadway Shows, on the set of man

commercials and at her parents dance studio and rehearsal space where she realized there is

no business like show business.  Her father was a Broadway actor and worked with the likes of Elia Kazan, and her mother danced in Broadway shows.  In 2009 Lauren did a video parody with Barely Political, newly created channel, "The Key of Awesome".  It was their first parody of a celebrity.  Lauren engrossed herself and became Lady Gaga, the video was huge success and received over 25 million views on youtube.  She is developing new content for her online channel, working on some television and movie projects, in addition to working on several charity projects.  Lauren has over 750 million views online, as she is winning a number of awards for her work.  Lauren was a big hit at the Paso Digital Film Festival in 2011.



Sparky Harlan has been the Executive Director/CEO of the Bill Wilson Center in Santa Clara

County for 29 years.  Serving over 10,000 youth and their family members every year, Bill Wilson

Center services include counseling, housing, education, and prevention.  Ms. Harlan is a

nationally recognized advocate for youth in foster care and in the juvenile justice system, as

well as homeless and runaway youth.  Her experience includes working with runaway and homeless youth, foster youth, and youth involved with the justice system.  She is also a

columnist for San Jose Inside, where her blogs cover issues related to youth in foster care and

in the juvenile justice system, as well as homeless and runaway youth.  On a personal note,

she is a single mom of a teenager.



David Homb is an actor and acting teacher.  David stared in Phantasmagoria, made during the

height of the "interactive movie" boom in computer game industry.  Phantasmagoria, not only the

top selling game developed by Sierra Interactive Studios, but was notable for being the first game

to use live actors as an on-screen avatar.  The game was released on seven CDs to accom-

modate the massive amount of video generated by the process.  As a movie actor David has appeared in Alien Species, Witchcraft II: The Temptress, Camp Fear, Street Soldier, Rings,

The Channeler, and a number of other thrillers and horror movies, including the TV series JAG, Down Home, and others...David will be at the April 2013 Festival.



Sonia Hunt  A former digital media engineer, is now a fearless urban gourmet. Trotting from city-

to-city, Sonia is taking the traditional tastes and flavors that we grew up with and remixing them

for today’s foodie. And with a little help from her fellow cooks, connoisseurs, and culinary

masters, she’ll be stirring up the food and the fun! As a career Digital Media Technologist, she

build digital businesses and brands for Global 500 customers. In parallel, she have been

cooking and traveling the world since early childhood. Founder of her company Noie

Productions that creates and produces innovative content in the culinary arts & blends her

passion for technology with her love of the culinary arts and travel.



Max Gail  His acting debut came in 1970 in San Francisco, California, playing the Chief in the

original stage production of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.   He is best known for his tv

role as Det. Stan "Wojo" Wojeciehowicz from the sitcom Barney Miller (1975). Gail's best known feature film role is in D.C. Cab (1983) as Harold, Gail runs Full Circle, a production

company which has done documentaries on such subjects as Agent Orange, Native

Americans, and nuclear issues.  His bio has countless performances in television series,

specials, movies, music performances, and stage performances.  Max directs an organization called LAP, a organizing concept for communities to develop a useful on-line/interactive venue

in a way that can facilitate the creation of content for as well as access to the information age.



Sara Mora Ivicevich is a skilled Producer with over 12 yrs experience in the entertainment industry, including feature film and television.  Sara began working with the stereoscopic 3D medium in 1999,  and has since worked on a myriad of 3D productions from music videos

and commercials to TV, executing an entire workflow from concept through distribution.  Sara recently produced programming for the launch of the 3D network, 3net, including the world's

first ever 3D docu-reality series, BULL-PROOF, along with the world first awards show to

broadcast in 3D, Ex Produced by 3ality and the International 3D society.  She has also

produced several 3D Film Festivals across the globe including the 3D portion of the first Paso Robles Digital Film Festival, to the more recent 3D Film and Interactive Festival in Hollywood. 

Sara is also committed to furthering 3D education through her consulting work; clients

include Nagravision, Ogilvy and Red Studios.



Len Johnson last held a position as a a sr. sales executive in the Industry Systems Division

of the IBM Corporation.  He lead Digital Video Solutions area of initiatives for IBM servers and storage, and serving at IBM for 19 years.  Mr. Johnson has in his forty year plus career in data processing progressed from the programmer analyst role through systems analyst and data

base administration to consulting.  Capping off all these experiences and expertise, Len, has

now moved to sales with unique background of having been a client first.  During his journey

Mr. Johnson has had several leadership roles in many diverse industries including: Security

(video surveillance and CCTV), Entertainment (Music, Film, Home Video and Television),

Retail, Distribution, Advertising, Banking, Utilities, Newspapers, Manufacturing, Government, Aerospace and Airlines



Dan Jones was recently Chairman of the Ponca Nation, Oklahoma.  He was a Field Producer

on the Emmy nominated documentary 500 Nations, working with Kevin Costner. He worked for Disney Imagineering on the Disney America Project, and performed with Sammy Davis Jr.

and Wayne Newton at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.  Jones' television productions include producing The World of American Indian Dance, which premiered on NBC

in 2003.  In 2001 Jones was the co-host and co-producer of the First Americans in the Arts

awards ceremony webcast, with broadcast partner  In 1993 he received the Muse Award from the Association of American Museums for a work produced by the new

Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian. Jones is a traditional straight dancer

and resides in his hometown of Ponca City, Oklahoma.



Archie McLaren is no stranger to the world of fine cuisine and rare wine. He is the founding Bailli of the Central Coast Chapter of the Confrerie de la Chaine des Rotisseurs, a member of the Vintners’ Club of San Francisco, the Wine & Food Society of San Francisco, the San Francisco Chapter of the Confrerie des Chevaliers du Tastevin and the Marin County Chapter of the International Wine & Food Society. He is the former Cellarmaster of the Avila Bay Wine Society and the former President of the Central Coast Wine Society.  Archie has served as Chairman/ Executive Director of both the San Luis Obispo Vintners & Growers Association and the Paso Robles Westside Grand Crew. He is one of only two Americans inducted into the Austrian Wine Brotherhood, and one of the few Americans inducted into the Commanderie des Bontemps - Medoc et Graves & Sauternes et Barsac of Bordeaux in France.



John McLaughlin is Founder and President of Santa Clara Valley Historical Association, he

is the co-author, The Making of Silicon Valley: a 100 Year Renaissance, Technology, Entrepreneurs and Silicon Valley and Silicon Valley: 110 Year Renaissance.  John was producer/director of Silicon Valley: 100 Year Renaissance a PBS documentary, narrated by Walter Cronkite, and producer of the new Silicon Valley narrated by Leonard Nimoy.  He is

also the author of G.R.A.I.L.  "John McLaughlin's book takes it in a direction that goes beyond what Dan Brown laid out in DA VINCI CODE--from the distant past into a possible future," was

one of the reviews of the book.  He is founder of Scotsport International (an export management co.), publisher of Sportlite Magazine, founder and publisher of Lane County Living Magazine, founder of Cups Coffee Cafe.  John received his B.S. in political science from U. of Oregon and MBA from U.S. International University and lives between Silicon Valley and Tucson, Arizona.



Nicholas Meriwether is the Grateful Dead archivist at the Univ. of Santa Cruz, with a masters in library

science with a specialization in archives from the Univ. of South Carolina.  His background experience

includes work as an educational, research, and rare-book consultant.  Nicholas holds a bachelor of arts

degree from Princeton University.  Meriwether is also the editor of "All Graceful Instruments: The Contexts of the Grateful Dead Phenomenon" and "Dead Letters: Essays on the Grateful Dead Phenomenon."  He has written widely on popular culture and its influence on history and society.  Before coming to Santa Cruz he had lived in San Francisco for 12 years.  As the Grateful Dead archivist at the University of Cal., Santa Cruz, Nicholas hopes his adoption of Web 2.0 principles

to create a Dead bibliography and discography will show Web 2.0 developers how to collaborate

with traditional scholarship.



Sheena Morjaria Following a degree in Law and Economics at the U of Cambridge, she

started a career in finance, working in mergers and acquisitions in London, in the media sector

before starting her own film finance and production company, Flick the Switch.  She produced

a collection of award-winning short films and documentaries and structured the finance deals

for a number of feature films including THE MORTICIAN and KILL KILL FASTER FASTER,

which won Best International Feature at the London Independent Film Fest.  She worked with

Tom Donahue on THE GUEST OF CINDY SHERMAN, which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival and CASTING BY which included Al Pacino, Martin Scorsese, Clint Eastwood, Glenn Close, and Robert Redford.   She's been at the forefront of designing viral marketing campaigns

for independent films in India working with the new breed of Independent Indian filmmakers to

bring their work to a global audience using various platforms including new digital media outlets.  She has created a ‘Boutique Studio’ that is one stop shop for international investors, producers, distributors and studios looking to access the best of Indian independent cinema and consulting on how best to tackle the various content delivery options for TV and film.  India has a very interesting structure when it comes to content delivery as broadband penetration is still quite

low as most people access the internet from smartphones or tablets.



Julian Phillips --Retired writer-journalist-novelist-film-maker and musician Julian Phillips, an occasional street-musician with 30 years of guitar-joy experience to share.  Great original tunes, fancy jazz-styles and unique 'frailing' guitar. Shows include FREE AUDIO-CD's for guests. He's

written more than 80 short books by Julian and his wife Carol --- Julian, himself a survivor of cultic religious abuse (1985), is concerned with similar human rights topics, and has worked as a newspaper reporter, editor, researcher, and in film-video, with four produced low-budget feature film credits, ten educational videos and documentaries, and as many as 12 completed 'for-hire' feature screenplays. Julian teaches classes in screenplays and journalism, and produces videos and films, working as a freelancer media content provider and media worker.  His recent project is a book MARS OUTPOST: SURVIVING THARSIS-MONTES now on, Barnes and Noble.  The eBook is 150,000 words, 61 chapters, eBook for Kindle and other Reader Apps.



Haydn Reiss has been producing documentaries for nearly 20 years, beginning with "William Stafford & Robert Bly: A Literary Friendship" in 1994.  His award winning film, "Rumi: Poet of the Heart"has aired nationally on PBS and screened in festivals around the world.  Clients include organizations working on the from lines of education, the environment, culture, human rights, politics and health.  These include PBS, Pacifica Network, The Learning Channel, Civic Ventures, Omega Boy's Club, Mosaic Multi-Cultural Fd., The Shanti Project, The Buck Institute for Age Research, Marin Education Fund, Marin Women's Center and many others.  Reis was assistant to producer Alex Ho on the festure, "JFK" directed by Oliver Stone, and worked for director Adrian Lyne for two years on the feature "Jacob's Ladder'...



Gini Graham Scott, Ph.D. is the Director of Changemakers Productions, a screenplay writer, indie producer, TV game/reality show developer, and author of over 50 published books.  Scott

has been a featured guest on Good Morning America, Oprah, Montel Williams, the O'Reilly

Factor, and CNN. Gini has written, produced and cast and directed four dozen short films,

including dramatic narratives, documentaries, book and script trailers, and music videos.  She


LOW-BUDGET SHORT FILM, published by Limelight, with a follow-up book FINDING FUNDS

FOR YOUR FILM out next year.  Other books on the using the social and traditional media



two workshops on writing, producing and promoting films for the Berkeley Community Media,

and she organizes monthly film industry networking events through several film groups she

founded with over 4,000 members, including the Film and TV Connection in L.A., the

Hollywood Film Industry, and the Bay Area Film and TV Connection.  She has been the

host and producer of the Changemakers Radio show.



Ivan Suvanjieff was lead singer/song writer for the infamous Detroit punk rock band, 'TheRamrods',  he was a journalist and an editor at CREEM magazine, with his work being

featured in two recently published books: "The Best of Creem" and "Iggy Pop and the Stooges:

The Authorized Biography.  He is friends with a gang of the "Beat/Kerouac" crowd (Alan

Ginsberg and Charles Bukowski, who were contribution editors to his literary magazine, "The

New Censorship"...Ivan is friends and works with the legendary Don Was.  He co-founded PeaceJam Foundation, and has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize six times for this

good work, and he is Ex Producer and Director of Photography for '2012: The True Mayan Prophecy' and the new documentary "Mayan Renaissance" PeaceJam  now has 11 Nobel

Peace Laureates on its board.



Fred Turner is a professor at Stanford University and Director, Undergraduate Studies and Program  in Science, Technology and Society, Associate Professor of Communication,

Associate Professor Department of Art and History with his teaching focus on digital media, journalism and the roles  played by media in American cultural history.  Turner is author of

two books, From Counterculture to Cyberculture: Stewart Brand, the Whole Earth Network

and the Rise of Digital Utopianism (2006) and Echoes of Combat: The Vietnam War in

American Memory.  His essays have tackled topics ranging from the rise of reality crime

television to the role of the Burning Man festival in contemporary new media industries. 

His research and writing have received a number of awards, including a PSP Award for

Excellence, for the best book in Communication and Cultural Studies, Association of Am.

Publishers; the Lews Mumford Award for Outstanding Scholarship in the Ecology of

Technics, the James Carey Media Research Award and many others found on link to his

bio page.  He also taught Communications at Harvard University's John F. Kennedy

School of Government and MIT, and worked as a journalist for ten years.



Cass Warner has the honor of being a third-generation film maker. Her father, twice Oscar-

nominated writer/producer Milton Sperling worked on the Warner Bros. lot and her grandfather, 

Harry Warner, was the Pres. and Founder of Warner Bros. studios. After studying acting

with the acclaimed Milton Katselas, and learning screenwriting under the mentorship of her

father and Howard Koch of "Casablanca" fame, her production company, Warner Sisters,

was born.  Cass carries on the original Warner Bros. motto--making films that "educate, 

entertain and enlighten."  Cass is a member of: the International Documentary Association,

The Earth Org, American Film Institute, Women In Film, Citizens Commission on Human

Rights.  She wrote, directed and produced a feature length documentary on her family, "THE BROTHERS WARNER" and Cass is producing an A-list feature film on her family with Alain Goldmain, with Nicholas Pileggi ("Casino" and "Goodfellas" is writing the screenplay.  Her

book, "The Brothers Warner" was optioned as well.  More on her projects at 



If you are interested in being part of a panel discussion, please send email with

your bio and some information on projects in the realm of Digital Media,

Technology, Film and related topics that you are working on to: or, call 323-850-8919


At the present time I am in talks with a number folks in technology and

entertainment, including actors, producers, directors, venture capitalist,

programmers, and musicians...check back daily for additions.







































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