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1)    All regular players must be “Priority” on all courses in The Villages.

2)      The player listed first on the foursome's scorecard is the leader of that foursome.

3)      Each player shall make sure that he has given the leader the appropriate fees.

4)      Each foursome's leader shall give the collected funds to Paul Actis.

5)      Fees are: $3 or $3.25.  This breaks down to: $2 per player for team competition and 25˘ per par 3 on the course we are playing. (Terra Del Sol will be $1.25 the rest are $1.00).

6)       Formats: The following formats will be played as listed.  All competition will be net scores, however, put actual score on cards.  All scores will be entered in the computer by Roger. We will cycle between the formats listed below. By checking the web page ( you should be able to determine what the current weeks format is:   

a) Best 1 of 4 low net
b) Threes (1 of 4 net on 1st set of 3 holes, 2 of 4 net on 2nd set of 3 holes and 3 of 4 net on 3rd set of 3 holes. Then
                repeat on back nine).
c) Nines (1 net on holes 1-9 and 2 net on holes 10-18)
d) Best 2 of 4 low net
e) Sixes (1 net on holes 1-6, 2 net on holes 7-12 and 3 net on holes 13-18)
f) Variable Best Ball (Low 1 net on par 5’s, Low 2 net on par 4’s, Low 3 net on par 3’s)
g) Best 3 of 4 low net 
h) Nines II
(2 net on holes 1-9 and 3 net on holes 10-18)

7)      Prizes: All team competition moneys shall be paid to the 1st place team except in the case of a tie. If there is a tie, the prize money will be divided equally among the tied teams.  There will be no tie breakers used. Team prize money will amount to $8 per foursome playing. Greenie money shall be paid at the rate of $1.00 per foursome to the person whose tee shot ends up the closest to the "pin" on a par 3 hole.

8)      Greenies:  If all players succeed in missing the green on a par 3, the money for that greenie will be paid to Roger Kuehne to help defray his expenses.

9)      RAIN/LIGHTNING:  If conditions warrant, play may be suspended or canceled due to inclement weather.  As most storms here in Florida are short lived, it is preferred to "wait" out a storm then continue.
If some players quit, which is their right, their scores will be par + strokes for the remaining holes, if there are players from their team that wish to continue playing. If the number of teams that have stopped playing becomes more than 50% of the starting number of teams, then all team competition shall be deemed as complete at the last hole that all of the remaining teams have completed. Teams quitting prior to that point are out of the competition for any team monies.
All teams must have completed at least 9 holes. If play is called with less than 9 holes completed, all monies will be returned.
All greenie money shall be returned if less than 2 par 3's are played by all teams. A par 3 is considered complete when at least one team has played the hole in normal order of play (no skipping of holes allowed). A team that has not played all holes prior to a par 3 shall not be eligible for play on latter par 3’s.  The moneys from the uncompleted par 3’s shall go to Roger to help defray his costs.
 It is solely the responsibility of the last team to pick up the greenie flags. If all members of that team quit, they shall give the flags to the team ahead of them, which will then be deemed to be the last team.

10)  Any player may elect to play off the blue or white tees or play from the green tees if their handicap index is 20.0 or above (if their index falls to 19.9 or less, they will be immediately be placed on the white tees).  Once a player elects to play off a certain set of tees, he may not make another change for 30 days following his request. His request will take affect on the first of the month following his request.

11)  Number of Players: We will keep the Tuesday Group to no more than 6 foursomes.  

12)  Tee Times: We will always play after 11:00 A.M. We will put in a request for the regulars every Wednesday unless told different by the person being absent. Foursomes will be randomly selected by the computer.  Score sheets for the foursomes will be provided. It will be your responsibility to go into the Village Tee Time System and get your tee time by using your ID Number or by going to the web page ( ).

13)  In Case of Darkness:  The foursome will decide when they feel it is too dark to continue play.  If there is a disagreement within the foursome, the Team Captain will make the decision.  When the decision is made each player will be given a par plus their handicap for each hole that is not completed. (If a player gets no strokes on a hole - record the par for the hole on the scorecard; if a player gets one stroke - record par plus one and if a player gets two strokes - record par plus two)  We will follow this procedure for determining winners and posting scores. For greenie competition: moneys from the uncompleted par 3’s shall go to Roger to help defray his costs.

14)  Blind Draw: A blind draw will be used to fill in a foursome. The player that is chosen will have a choice wither he wants to be the blind draw or not. If he declines, another draw will be made. The blind draw will have to pay an extra $3 and will be part of the team that he was drawn for. He will share any team winnings. The blind draw will play 2 shots on all par threes. His 1st ball will be the one that he plays to the hole. The second ball will just an attempt to get the greenie.