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Broadfall Pants

30"-54" Waist

Broadfall pants were worn during the late 1700s through the mid 1800s.  It is the correct style to be worn with the Trailblazer shirts.  These pants had a very baggy seat, but we give you an option for a closer, more modern fit.  Pattern includes instructions for both fabric and leather.



Trailblazer Shirt

30"-68" Chest

The trailblazer shirt package contains four different styles commonly worn from the later 1700s through the Civil War years.  Simple and easy to make from 30" to 68" chest are contained in each pattern package.  For comfort and east of construction, we have re-designed the underarm in the modern style.  The originals had box-shaped bodies and sleeves with a diamond shaped gusset in the armpit and neck areas. 



Western Heritage Shirt

34"-60" Chest

This pattern package contains five styles all known for their practicality, as appropriate today for the buckaroo and gentleman rancher alike as they were a hundred twenty years ago.  The Buckaroo shirt is actually the basic shirt upon which all the other styles are built.  Its simplicity of design is very comfortable as well as rugged.  It has a half placket button closure, and extra long tails.  This pattern package contains all necessary components and instructions to construct the Lighthorseman, Drover, Gentleman, and Gambler shirts using the Buckaroo shirt as a basis.




34"-58" Chest

Warmth, extra pockets, and the freedom of mobility, these sleeveless "waistcoats"  were some of the very practical reasons these suit-vests were popular among the 1880s Westerners and they will add just the right touch of authenticity to your outfit.  This pattern package contains all instructions and patterns for four different vest styles.




Multi-Size - 14-1/2 -

Dress up that band collared Buckaroo Shirt with an old fashioned detachable collar.  Quick and easy to sew, this pattern includes three styles, and complete instructions.



Gentleman's Frock Coat

34"-60" Chest

Whether you are a cowboy, preacher, or desperado, this classic gentleman's coat features the elegant tailored lines that reflect the spirit of the late 1800s.  An essential for finishing off your Sunday go-to-meeting outfit, it is characterized by its three-quarter length.  This package includes complete instructions, fitting tips for the ladies, as well as optional concealed glove pockets.




One Size

The Puff Tie was the mark of the well dressed man of yesteryear.  Traditionally men wore white satin puff ties to dances and festive occasions and darker, less flashy fabrics for everyday wear.  We now offer a puff tie pattern so you can choose your own fabric and color to match your outfit.



Range Coat - Barn Coat - Fringed Leather Jacket

36"-52' Chest

Originally designed to cut the wind and keep the trail's dust and horse boogers off a rider's clean clothes, these range coats or dusters, as called by some, are useful outdoor protection for both range and urban cowboy.  Designed to be true in detail to the garment which came into existence prior to the Civil War, it has a split tail to accommodate horseback riding and two large waist pockets.  Each pattern package includes an optional short version, Barn coat, fringed leather jacket and shawl collar version and complete instructions.




28"-52" Waist

Our Britches pattern is true to the style developed by the federal government for issue during the Civil War and was favored by U. S. Forces and Confederate alike. Complete with watch pocket and suspender buttons, and sewing instructions.



Saturday Matinee Shirt

Men's & Ladies sizes, XS to 6X

Pattern includes 4 styles perfect for "B Westerns"



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