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Solos Supporting Solos of Houston

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Solos Supporting Solos was formed in Houston in 1994 by Attorney Jimmy Brill. Its purpose is to provide a support organization for attorneys who work alone. Jimmy got the idea for a support group while serving on a special task force of the American Bar Association that dealt with the needs and concerns of solo and small practitioners. He learned of a large group of solo practitioners in Atlanta that had banded together in a support organization, and thought this concept would also work in Houston.

Many solo practitioners have no one to talk to about their problems and feel that no one really cares. Feelings of isolation have become more common as technology has opened opportunities through the computer and the internet, resulting in more time spent alone.

Solos Supporting Solos was established by Jimmy with a small group of fellow solo practitioners who meet every month to discuss legal topics, exchange information, and advise and mentor newer lawyers. They meet at Cafe Express, located at 1422 West Gray, Houston, TX 77019,  where they hold their meetings in a section of the restaurant. This has made it possible to invite speakers on various topics after the meeting.

There is no formal membership and anyone is welcome to attend. The meetings begin by letting each person stand and make a personal introduction, including their office location and the nature of their practice. Announcements are made following the introductions, and after the announcements the floor is open for a discussion of problems and opportunities.

Currently Solos Supporting Solos meetings are held at 7:30 a.m. on the third Thursday of the month. A Dutch treat breakfast is available before the meeting, starting at 7:00 a.m. when the Cafe Express opens.