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Michael Germaine


I have worked in music, film and television for almost 30 years.  Although never achieving great success or financial riches, I have had many successful , blessed years.  I am exceedingly glad that I chose this path.  I have had the opportunity to work harmoniously and creatively with many talented people and to grow not just artistically, but spiritually as well.  I believe that music and the arts do contribute to a better world and society in general.

We are truly the total sum of our experience & thoughts

AVG Music Group

The Reluctant Messiah

More “Dead Zone”  than “Déjà Vu”, a washed up car salesman starts

having violent, prophesizing, clairvoyant nightmares. He becomes involved with the subjects of his nightmares, trying to prevent these tragedies from manifesting.

Dreams of a young boy drowning and an attractive nurse being murdered, provide strong motivation.  Bill, their unsolicited guardian angel, becomes the subject of a police manhunt through planted evidence, and the target of the real killer.

110 pages        1st draft

The Killing of Caine

Two half brothers from a wealthy established Beverly Hills family both fall in love with a mysterious, smoldering South American beauty.  GQ goes head-to-head against artsy biker. The violence escalates as Caine and his brother Robert both believe the other brother is trying to kill them.  Unbeknown to both Caine and Robert, Nicole, the hottie of their affections, is the runaway wife  of a Santaria (black magic) practicing, drug cartel boss.  Carlos (the cartel boss) comes to LA to personally settle the score.

112 pages             1st draft

If you have an initial interest in one or more of these scripts, please contact me.

Best regards

Michael  Germaine      310. 775-7642           lifeisgreatnow@gmail.com