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Michael Germaine


I have worked in music, film and television for almost 30 years.  Although never achieving great success or financial riches, I have had many successful , blessed years.  I am exceedingly glad that I chose this path.  I have had the opportunity to work harmoniously and creatively with many talented people and to grow not just artistically, but spiritually as well.  I believe that music and the arts do contribute to a better world and society in general.

We are truly the total sum of our experience & thoughts

AVG Music Group


1) Divine light and love are flowing into me, through me, and out of me. I joyfully share this divine light and love with everyone I meet.

2) All things are possible through the love and inspiration from Jehovih, God, and Jesus.

3) I now stay deeply relaxed and centered, and everything is accomplished joyously and harmoniously.

4) I am now open to, and receiving, all of the divine blessings from Jehovih, God, and Jesus.

5) The light of God within me is producing perfect results in every phase of my life now.

6) Jehovih knows my needs before I even ask and always provides what is best at exactly the perfect time.

7) To you,  Jehovih, I give all, my flesh, my spirit, my mind, and all my service, to be Yours forever.