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Michael Germaine


I have worked in music, film and television for almost 30 years.  Although never achieving great success or financial riches, I have had many successful , blessed years.  I am exceedingly glad that I chose this path.  I have had the opportunity to work harmoniously and creatively with many talented people and to grow not just artistically, but spiritually as well.  I believe that music and the arts do contribute to a better world and society in general.

We are truly the total sum of our experience & thoughts

AVG Music Group

“MESS”   featuring  Sheri Prentiss on vocals

Written & Produced  by  Michael Germaine


“FANTAAASY  (pop electronica) featuring Dhara on vocals 4:00

Written & Produced  by  Michael Germaine

Burning Man clips...no audio

Produced by Michael Germaine using Cyberlink  0:56

NOVA ... Instrumental (electronic) to Burning Man Clips 0:52

Written and produced by Michael Germaine