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Michael Germaine


I have worked in music, film and television for almost 30 years.  Although never achieving great success or financial riches, I have had many successful , blessed years.  I am exceedingly glad that I chose this path.  I have had the opportunity to work harmoniously and creatively with many talented people and to grow not just artistically, but spiritually as well.  I believe that music and the arts do contribute to a better world and society in general.

We are truly the total sum of our experience & thoughts

AVG Music Group

The glory of Ascension awaits each of us as we walk our spiritual path.  It has to do with giving up self goals and desires,  and turning our thoughts to the welfare of others.  

Giving up self is not an easy task.  We will continue to work on this for many years to come. But, you will not make progress until you truly begin to look into your motives for the things you do and say.  It is easy to say, “I give up self.”  It is difficult to do.

It is easy to say, “I give all I have to the Creator.”  It is difficult to do because in some corner of yourself you withhold something for yourself.   

Do not give up striving for selflessness.  But, do not deceive yourself that you have found it when you keep unto yourself some small thought of what you yourself want.

It is a difficult road to tread….Selflessness.  Think what you want in this moment in time.  And evaluate these wants.  Are they for yourself, planning how to make things work out as you want them to be?  

The truly selfless person flows with the tide of events. If things do not work out as a person wants or thinks they should…the selfless person takes no thought and lives “in the moment” and proceeds in the flow.  If others do not proceed as promised, or fall short of expectations … the selfless person will take no thought.  If others do not have time to listen to your thoughts, or express the feeling that you have not done your part, try to remain calm within the flow of feelings.  Having reactions to events is a sign of selfhood.


As you proceed on your spiritual quest of selflessness, observe yourself.  You will see that you may begin to be without reactions as events swirl around you.  The less reaction you have, the more you are moving into selflessness.   Let this be your guide…your measure…of how successful you are being.


You will become accepting of others as they are… without judging them.

You will become accepting of events as they occur …without feeling a sense of loss if they do not go as you thought they would.

You will find the peace and perfection in this moment, without thought of how it could be better for your benefit.

Be at peace.  Be still within.  Rest back in the Presence of the Divine functioning as yourself, without thought of yourself.