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Love 'em or hate 'em rat rods are here to stay, and based on the popularity of my video of the Hulk Camino built by Chris Walker, rat rods are a favorite of many people. Watch the video and you'll know why it called the Hulk Camino..

You have not seen it all until you see this rat rod built by Audie Maguire. Why? It is powered by a Duetz 12.763 Litre (778 cu in) Twin Turbo Air Cooled V-8 out of a Patriot Missile Radar System Generator! How’s that for “out of the box”! To attest to this amazing build, “The Patriot” has won multiple awards including the High Plains Riot (Rat Rod Magazine Award Winner), Darryl Starbird Best Of Show, along with OP Build Off, Wrenchfest, and now SEMA. You’ll not only see and learn about this award winning rat rod, but you’ll get to hear it fire up and drive in the SEMA Crusie on it’s way to SEMA Ignited. Then you've seen it all. Don't miss this one!

Sean Puz drove his 1936 Packard Rat Mod the award winning “International RATical Rod Build-off/Drive-off Champion” all the way to SEMA 2019. You read it right. Sean calls this a Rat Mod because it blends the features of Rat Rod styling with Modern driving updates. And it was driven 1,400 miles to SEMA. Wait until you hear and see this championship award winning Rat Mod fire up and drive into SEMA. Sean will tell you all about his Ratical build.

The Hot Rod Factory's ultimate goal is to build your dream ride to your satisfaction. For Gary, it was this '34 Dodge Rat Rod with a Cummins Twin Turbo Diesel. This wild Turbo Rat is bad-ass!

Only 42 inches tall aired out, this bagged, chopped, and sectioned 1930 Studebaker rat rod took 6 years to build. See all the creative work and come along for a ride in RatStude..



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