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This page highlights some of the amazing aircraft that can be found at the Osceola, Wisconsin, "Wheels and Wings" show that is held each September.

Below is a video of a Fairey Gannet from England. It is a prototype that is rarely seen, and it was in Osceola, Wisconsin, for Wheels and Wings. This is a must see video of an incredible aircraft.
You will learn about the plane from the owner as well as see and hear it starting and flying.  Enjoy!

Vietnam was the first real helicopter war. Helicopter pilots flew more than 36 million sorties. Their crews scattered propaganda leaflets over the enemy, poured lethal fire into their positions, carried troops, supplies, and artillery into battle, and lifted the wounded off the battle field so swiftly that most reached a field hospital within 15 minutes. See, hear and learn about this Huey Helicopter that flew in the Vietnam War as it flies in, lands, and takes off from L.O. Simenstad Municipal Airport in Osceola, Wisconsin, at Wheels and Wings.

The Osceola Air Show is held every September in conjunction with the town's "Wheels and Wings" celebration.  The video below shows four T-6 Texans that were used as military training aircraft for WWII.  Thanks to the pilots Chuck, Karl, Scott, and Barry for the thrilling fly-over. The exciting sights and sounds from the 600 horsepower Pratt and Whitney radial engines of these magnificent aircraft are something you don't want to miss. Enjoy the video.

Grant Nielsen talks about his "Pitts Special" at the "Wheels and Wings" celebration in Osceola, Wisconsin. The video includes thrilling aerobatics, GoPro footage, descriptive narration of exciting maneuvers, and an attention-getting opening sequence. Come along for a thrill ride.

See, hear, and learn about the Grumman Avenger TBM-3E Torpedo Bomber that was at the Osceola Wheels and Wings Air Show. It's an amazing piece of history.



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