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There are wedding packages for all budgets!

Diamond Package: $1995.00

The sky's the limit with the ultimate wedding film package. Coverage will include all the way from your preparation until your feet hurt from dancing. The ceremony will be filmed with three cameras and a wireless microphone to capture every precious moment. The wedding party, family and guests will be featured in the film as you celebrate the most joyous of days. Three copies of your finished wedding film will be presented on custom printed DVDs with interactive menus. The film will include all the events of the day edited beautifully to music and a highlight video. Protective DVD cases preserve the memories you'll treasure for a lifetime. A highlight video (Love Story Trailer) will be posted online for easy sharing with family and friends.

The “Diamond Package” breaks the wedding day down into "chapters" on your DVD. Each chapter contains one event edited creatively to one song. In other words, most chapters are like music videos of each event. All of the events (or chapters) are displayed in chronological order in the menu of the disc. The only chapters that are not edited to one song are the ceremony and speeches. For these, I edit them in full with all the actual audio. Of course the favorite chapter on the disc is always the “Love Story Music Video” ... a one song recap that I edit after all the other chapters. By the time I am ready to edit this chapter, I know your wedding video very well so I can choose the best clips to create a unique piece that you will cherish forever.  You have a choice of an MTV style Love Story Music Video or a dramatic, cinema style Love Story Music Video.  Both are illustrated and explained in other sections of this web site.  There is also a Flashback Music Video featuring tender loving moments edited in slow motion with some special effects.  An example can be found on the video page. 

Here is what the disc menu might look like for a DVD.

Chapter Menu:
•  Love Story Trailer 
•  Love Story Music Video 
•  Pre Ceremony
•  Ceremony (complete)
•  Photo Session
•  Reception
•  Flashbacks

When you add up all the chapters, the length of the disc(s) can be anywhere from 50 minutes to 1 hour 45 minutes.

Emerald Package: $1295.00

The memories of your wedding day will be crystal clear with this incredible package. It starts with pre-ceremony preparations and continues with audio and video of your ceremony (filmed with three cameras and wireless microphone) and includes post ceremony coverage of activities including the first hour of your reception. The wedding party and family will be featured as you eat, receive your toasts, toss your bouquet and garter, cut your cake, and dance.  Two copies of your finished wedding film will be presented on DVDs and will include a highlight video (Love Story Trailer) that will be posted online for you to share. The DVD is set up in “chapters” like the Diamond Package, but The Emerald Package does not include the Love Story Music Video or the Flashback Music Video found in the Diamond Package.

Chapter Menu:
• Love Story Trailer
• Pre Ceremony
• Ceremony (complete)
• Photo Session
• Reception

Ruby Package: $595.00

Bask in the glory of your special day.  This is a wedding video of your ceremony.  Beautifully recorded with your tastes in mind, this video romanticizes the most important event of your life.  Even though this is the base package, it is shot with multiple cameras and a wireless microphone just like all other packages.  The video will be nicely edited with a short introduction that leads into the ceremony itself.  Don't miss a minute of your procession, your vows, and your first kiss as husband and wife.  Edits will be made to include a variety of camera angles so you don't miss a thing.  One copy of the finished DVD will be provided.

NEW!!!  Kiss Package (Keep It Simply Special) Only $395.00

The most basic package available for those on a tight budget. Your wedding day will be filmed from beginning to end with one camera. No wireless microphone will be used to record the vows. A short minute and a half video will be edited that highlights your special day. The video can be uploaded to my web site to share with your family and friends. A DVD copy of the edited video plus raw unedited footage will be included.

Call 715-485-9426 to book your special day.
(A $300.00 deposit is required to reserve your wedding date.)



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