Of course, we have the old standby, tofu. Who would have thought that tofu would be so mainstream today in the United States. It may not be enjoyed by everyone, but is well known and readily available.

Tofu is made from ground soy beans that are boiled with water to create soy milk. A coagulant is added and the liquid is poured into forms to give it the block shape. The softness or firmness of the tofu is determined by how much water is then pressed out of the cakes. For example, from most to least water content, there is silken, soft, firm and pressed tofu. Soft tofu is frequently used in soups and firm for stir-frying.

Fresh tofu is sold in open buckets in Asian markets. Most of us buy the sealed tubs, pictured above, which have a longer shelf life in the refrigerator.

Tofu has a bland flavor, so it is complimented by strong flavors and seasoning. Below are some of my favorite dishes.

Tofu Recipes

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Tofu - the Other White (Non) Meat