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St. Joseph River Association, Inc.


4th of July FlotillaWinners

1st place
"Pirate Ship"

Mark Krol family with Stephanie












(Tom Shoff/Photo Supplied)

2nd place
"Ice Cream Stand"
Ron Downs family:  Hanna, Nick, Ashley and Mike

(Tom Shoff/Photo Supplied)

3rd place
"Lemonade Stand"
Phil & Nancy Pletcher - Drew & Lauren Pletcher, Wil and Shania Nolan, Drew Collins

(Nancy Pletcher/Photos Supplied)

Honorable mention
"Freedom for All Super Heros"
Vince Kelly family - Kirk Flowers, Tinya & Talia, Patty Petersen and Julie Castello

(Tom Shoff/Photo Supplied)

Honorable mention
"Shark Week"
by Jack, Tyson, Timm and Kay Pletcher - Ashley & Tate Chapman

(Tom Shoff/Photo Supplied)

Most Patriotic - Jim Pettit Award
"Support Our Troops"
The Les Anderson Family - Amanda, Austin & Calib

(Tom Shoff/Photo Supplied)

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