RHR Miniature and Toy Australian Sheperds

Sulphur Springs, Texas

RHR Miniature and Toy Australian Shepherds

Thumbs up! Excellent puppy inspection!!! Entire Vet Clinic Staff all wanted to keep her ;-)
Kendra & Maizey Rose Tennesee
We are delighted that you have come to view our website. We are a small hobby-style breeder, breeding for a few litters a year. Each litter carefully planed, cared for, nurtured, and socialized.
Our Aussie’s are raised “under foot” and around children on our horse ranch. We have selected some of the finest true to “type” Toy and small Mini Aussie’s from across the US for our breeding program.
Each adult being cared for, encouraged to “be a dog” and continue to be a part of our family. We believe that this makes the best puppy parent for the active family or single dog family.
Some of our breeding lines are on our third and fourth generation. We have continued to fine-tune our program to ensure that only the best puppy parents continue to improve our breeding program.
To ensure that our pups transition into their forever homes smoothly, we begin establishing potty training habits early-on to ease this stressful stage. Many of our pups are fully trained within two weeks of going to their forever homes.
We do offer FULL Rights Papers American Stock Dog Registry (ASDR) available on most pups.
Please enjoy touring our website and learning more about our wonderful dogs and puppies.

Our Aussie’s are our family and we hope you’re the right parent for one of our puppies.

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