The Armageddon Time Ark Base Operation

Your Survival Choices

There are only Two Positive survival choices remaining for you at This extreme late date:


Since The beginning of Point #1 of Armageddon you have had The absolute right under Universal Law To evacuate yourself To a place of safety on another continent. This is still your right. If you are on The North American Continent, you must not delay any longer. You must choose a place and GO—before you can't leave.
Do not wait for “signs and wonders”. The history Book says: “That day will come like a Thief in the night”. For self-evacuation, you can use any of The current means available That you can afford. You must choose a place and method of Travel, using your own resources. Based on what you read here about the coming polar adjustment-instigated earth-changes, consider a location carefully, plan carefully, but GO! Go now, before you cannot. Once Seal #6 is activated at 6:00 pm preceding S. Day, you will not be allowed to leave!
In The U.S. proper, The chances for survival of The imminent activation of The 6th Seal are one in one million.


Many years ago, Commander Hamashiia issued a message for would-be Positive survivors. His message was This:

“Tell My people, who have obeyed Revelation 18:4, and have come out of Her: The Time has come for you To NOW gather at The river of Armageddon Valley #1; activate your encampment according To My Measurements, That I give To My servant; fill your Lamps with oil, and prepare To board your Service Modules at a moment’s notice, for your survival of The activation of Seal #6.”

Many hundreds of Thousands of people have read This Message. Many hundreds of Thousands have failed to act. The possibility for activating “…your encampment according to My Measurements…” is now gone. Too much Time has passed with no action! Too much continued degradation has occurred. Another generation has been raised with no Positive Knowledge.
The current population of the Manasseh Complex is Too degraded and much Too Tied-in To The Great Harlot Babylon! They want This negative Empire. They like This negative Empire. They worship The Beast and vote for it—again and again and again! Those who do not worship The Beast and Harlot, still do not look hard enough for HIM.

Many awesome, life-changing offers were made Through The ATA Base Operation To The people of This country. Those offers were rejected by all but a very few. Over Time, all Those offers have been revoked—one by one. Now, due To The extreme late date and The continued rejection of This Perfect Knowledge for Positive Survival, The final remaining offer of survival processing Through ATA Base has been rescinded.

If you “just can’t” evacuate The Complex, but do still want To act in some way To Try for survival Through The Activation of Seal #6, There is one last option open to you: You can relocate into The lower Rio Grande River Valley of deep South Texas— “… The river of Armageddon Valley #1…” —and Throw yourselves on Commander Hamashiia's mercy. Yes, pick up and move! Get in a better position and be ready! Prove in some small way That you might be worthy of His consideration and mercy!

Because you have rejected all The other offers and “ridden The fence” until This extreme late hour, you will receive no reception, no guidance, and no contact with The Cosmic Corps of Engineers at ATA Base. You are just being told of This option so you may gather and be prepared “…at a moment’s notice…”.
If He finds you worthy of any consideration for evacuation at The proper Time, you will be in The best position To receive it.

Act on This as fast as possible! The Time-table is: OVERDUE! So, don’t hesitate; act now!!!

BE WARNED: Because you are allowed only one chance in Point #1 of Armageddon to respond to This Positive Knowledge and because of other aspects of Universal Law, it will be a complete waste of your Time and effort To act on This "Second Option" if:
• You have had previous contact with ATA Base.
• You are a supporting and/or protecting citizen of the negative Birthright Empire.
• You are financially dependent on negative Birthright Empire hand-outs.
• You have been a resident of Area #6* at any Time since December of 1968.

(* Area #6 is The area encompassed by Latitude 29 on The North side, Longitude 100 on The West side, Latitude 23 on The South, and out To The Point of No Return in The Atlantic on The East side.)
13th Division - Cosmic Corps of Engineers
Armageddon Time Ark Base Operation