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What's New?

The Mabon  Issue of Pooka Pages Magzine is ready.

The Storybook Chair
Illustrated Stories featuring the little witch, Elsie, and her cat, Pooka


A Little Witchling's 
Book of Shadows

Spells & Rituals for Children

Sabbat Crafts and other fun Pagan Activities

Kitchen Witchletts
Recipes for the Sabbats that 
even the smallest chefs can help make

Herb Garden

for budding herbalists

Esbats for Kids

Full Moon Fun

Pooka's Photo Album
Pictures of Pooka and his friends


The Elsie & Pooka Gallery
Dozens of sweet and humorous pictures of our favorite little witch & her cat


Pooka Places
Other Pagan Family 
places to visit



Elsie and Pooka's
Village Market

A nice place to shop for
 Elsie & Pooka Stuff :
Paper Dolls
Coloring Books
Cards & Decals
t-shirts, bibs ...

The Yule Issue of
Pooka's Sandbox
has been posted.
(just click on the kitty above)

Pooka's Sandbox is a unique magazine written for and to pagan children.  Published just prior to each sabbat and FREE to download or print out on line.  It contains herbal lore, coloring & activity pages, crafts, recipes, stories, word searches, spells and magic for kids - all centered around the upcoming holiday.

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  Announcements & Stuff for Grownups

Coming Soon:

the Elsie & Pooka 2009 Calendar

Besides the charming illustrations, you will find spells, rituals & recipes from Elsie's own Book of  Shadows for each month of the year.


* International Pooka *
The Elsie & Pooka Stories have been translated into Czech so that children in Prague can enjoy them also:  http://www.knihakouzel.wz.cz/nephra/pok_index.html
A Dutch translation has also been completed!

A Spanish translation is in the works....


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