Esbats for Kids

Full Moon Fun

Make a wish upon the Moon

And put it in a jar,

Hum a magic little tune

And seal it with a star


Full Moon Divination

On a full moon:  fill a bowl with water and then add a few drops of blue food coloring.  Light your “full moon candle” behind it and, perhaps, an altar candle to either side but not actually reflecting in the water. Blow very softly upon the surface of the water using your magical breath and then see the images form as the color spreads and moves through the water.  

Often, the images that appear will not make sense until later, so you will want to have something to help you remember what you've seen. Be sure to have paper, paints, crayons and other craft supplies ready so that you can record your visions.

Granny Witch taught this song to Elsie’s Mommy when she was a girl and, later, when Elsie was little, her Mommy taught it to her. Now Elsie sings it to Pooka.  The song is very old.  

“The Moon Song”

I see the Moon and the Moon sees me,

Down through the leaves of the old oak tree,

I hope the light that shines on me,  Shines on the one I love!

When Hecate is full,  She loves to see you smile,

With her laughing eyes,  She will dance with you a while,

Round and Round we go,  ‘Neath the wise old oaken tree,

Gentle thoughts of love,  Drifting softly down to thee.


Pooka's Bedtime Prayer: 

Lovely Goddess, sweet and true

Bless me now in all I do

Help me know which path is right

And stay with me throughout the night.

Blessed Be


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