They say a Witch lives here…

It’s true.

However - this site is not here to explain what the Craft is or is not. This old woman assumes that you have already been around the Circle a few times.  But, if it is new spells you are seeking, formulas, recipes and ideas for filling your home and  life with Enchantment - then welcome!  The door is open and there is a bit of Magic in every room...    


House Blessings & Protection, 
Hearth Magick, Potpourri,  
Witch-Crafts,  Bookshelf,  Poems, Scrapbook 

Kitchen Magic,   Recipes,
Gypsy Tea, Rose Recipes,
Simmering Potpourris

Herbal Beauty, 
Magical Baths,  
Medicine Cabinet

Sleep,  Dreams,  
Love,  Romance,  Marriage

Children & Babies
Elsie & Pooka stories
Coloring & Activities Pages

The Music Room
Original Pagan Music written and performed by my sis and me

The Herb Room
An actual room in my  house

Book of Shadows, 
Book of Formulas
Book of Rituals

Nature Spells,  
Crows and other Critters


Mark ye well their manner, for it is quiet and assumeth not.  It is in peaceful tones they speak and oft seem abstracted.  Seeming to prefer the company of Beastes, they converse with them as equals.  They dwell in lonely places, there better (as they say) to know the voices of the Wind and hear the secrets of Nature.  Possessing the Wysdome of the fields and forests, they do harm and heal with their harvests.  They concerne themselves not with idle chatter or fashion, nor do worldly goods hold worth for them.
 Be not confused as to think that only Woman-kynd harboureth the gifte
in this matter.  Of Men there bee many that hold mickle (much) power."

Edward Johnston, Esq. Sudbury, Suffold, England  1645  A.D.

Hear then the Law, Little Sister – That thou lovest all things in Nature.  That thou shalt suffer no person to be harmed by thy hands or in thy mind.  That thou walkest humbly in the ways of men and the ways of the Gods.  Contentment thou shall at last learn through suffering and from long patient years, and from nobility of mind and service.  For the wise never grow old
From “Lavender Green Magic”    by Andre Norton  

The Pooka Pages
A Website & Magazine for Pagan Kids

filled with original stories, coloring pages, activities, sabbat recipes, spells,  
herbal lore  and seasonal Magic for pagan children!

Just click on the picture of Pooka to be magically transported... 


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