Pooka & Elsie Stories

Written & Illustrated
Lora Craig-Gaddis

These are the original 3 stories written years ago for my own amusement.  

1. Pooka Finds a Fairy
Elsie is a little Country Witch whose cat, Pooka, always seems to be getting into trouble! In this story, Pooka accidentally catches a bossy, headstrong, little fairy named Thistle. 

Aunt Mellisa Matilda McKenzle
Elsie's visiting aunt can't resist tossing magic around like confetti !

Thistle's Coven
The feisty little pixie decides that she knows all about witches now and starts her own coven of tiny fairy-witches.  Needless to say, she still has much to learn and the results spell near disaster!

4.  Elsie Finds Her Familiar   
A very short tale telling how Elsie & Pooka first met...

5.  Pooka's Great Adventure  3/27/13

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