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Cosgriff Sales

Our company was founded in 1967 by Bill Cosgriff (the Road Warrior) as a means to sell and repair all types of drain and sewer cleaning equipment. Representatives for Electric Eel since 1975, we are specialists with their full line of drain opening and diagnostic equipment. Joining Bill are his sons Marty and Phil; all told, we have a combined 95 years experience selling and servicing drain and sewer augurs. So call us anytime at 1.800.445.8289. We'll answer all your questions.

What we Offer

Need a mainline drain cleaner? From Electric Eel's workhorse, the sectional cable Model C, to the premier drum type drain opener, the Model D-5, we have what you need. There is the compact Z-5 for 2-3" lines, the Model S for kitchen and bath drains, and the Eel Cam systems for sneaking a peek into those lines to determine trouble spots. That's not to mention our gas and electric jetters for a thorough line cleaning. We have it all!

Not an Eel user?

Have competitors' equipment? We have cables and tools to fit them! We can match up just about anything so that you can use the full line of superior quality Electric Eel tools on those tough lines!

We offer used equipment, subject to availability.

Need an upgrade?

Trade-ins are always considered, even if it’s not ours! However you come to try it, you'll love Electric Eel!



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