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A Hint of Autumn

Dear Students and Parents.

It is the just the beginning of summer, but most families are already planning for the fall activities. We want to get this newsletter and schedule to you early, so you can gear up for our exciting fall session.


Ballet for 6's and 7's_Olivia Tharpe
An introduction to the structure of the classical technique along with the joy of dancing, skipping, springing, leaping, and stretching. We have hopes that a new group of ambitious and curious young dancers will join us not just for the quick introduction, but for the long term. We are offering this class once a week but holding it in the Ballroom building at 226 N 6th Street, so that these novices can be exposed to the upper classes as they come and go, peaking at the energy and concentration in the ballroom and being enchanted by the magic and tradition of the ballet training.

Contemporary Dance_ Nicole Brooks
This is movement, control, abandon, and contemplation. All the best of movement potential and appropriate as augmentation for our upper level dancers, as well as a gentle introduction for teens and adults who want to find control and strength. One hour in the glorious space of the Lafayette Ballet Ballroom.

For our returning students, we welcome you back with enthusiasm. We hope that the classes being held at 226 N 6th Street will inspire you to find your wings and your feet.
WE LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING YOU ON AUG. 26 and for the youngest ones: Sept. 11.

email your interest or your questions.

Thank you. Sandra Peticolas, Director