since 1988

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Bringing the best of training in small class format
by highly trained instructors who really share their knowledge and enthusiasm.

Lafayette Ballet School was opened in 1988 by Director, Sandra Peticolas. The school maintains a base of classical ballet to train the students. Supplementary classes in character and pointe, variations, contemporary, and conditioning are introduced as appropriate to round out the classical training and the future repertory of the young dancers. The specific coordination and maturity needed in ballet are not easily taught to very young children. A focussed instruction begins as accessed at age 6 depending with the individual student with Ballet Discovery for 6,7,8 Year Olds. These are joyous years of imagination, rhythm, energy and learned self awareness, but within a structure inherent to the discipline of ballet. Therefore along with the physical training of the body comes the need to wait, listen, apply, and repeat.

Several different choices are available for students beginning at a later time, or for adult students.

Beginning 1,2,3 is a growing time for the building of physical alignment and vocabularly. It does not terminate with one semester of classes. The body continues to grow and engage, utilizing the same vocabulary as a newer student but with increased awareness. This is why we can invite adult beginner or returning students into the same small class and get respect and awareness from each group. Adults process faster mentally. Young bodies simply move more easily.

The Elementary/Advanced grouping is an eclectic and also ongoing general heading. While allowing teens and adults to access this class in a less intense manner, the material is for sustained growth and strength for a serious student. These dancers come 4 or 5 days with classes of 90 minutes to 2 hours and 20 minutes. They supplement with character and contemporary classes, and they engage in the performance opportunities and requisite rehearsal dedication needed to form an artist and a team member.