Every life is a story.  What is yours?


Each painting on this page is about a story from real person's life.   While society and the media, with its constant news cycle, make us think some achievements, events and even lives are more important or worthy of recognition than others, each of us has personal stories and lives that are just as significant as anything the media shows.  To us and our loved ones they are even more significant.


A very special way to acknowledge this significance and pass it on to future generations is available.   You can have a fine art painting depicting an event in your life or in the life of someone you love...Or perhaps a montage of events that represent the entire arc of the person's life.  We will work with any existing photo reference you have and will research and add additional imagery needed to create an accurate pictorial portrayal of Your Story.


You choose your final product, whether a hand painted acrylic painting to your specified dimensions or a fine art giclee' print of a digital painting on your choice of papers or canvas.


Each painting is unique.


Pricing begins at $300 for a digital rendering of an existing photograph.   Photo-realistic airbrushed acrylic paintings of "a photograph that couldn't be taken" cost more.  Contact us to discuss what you want and to get an estimate of the cost.

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