Tom works both in Airbrushed Acrylic Paint and Digitally.  His preferred style for the airbrush is hyper-realism.  Admittedly a "lousy photographer",  Tom works extensively to create polished photo reference material on his IPad and Computer using the Adobe suite of tools which he then renders hyper-realistically with acrylics on canvas or other grounds.  While doing this extensive pre-work he discovered that, many times, the reference for the painting could stand as a work by itself and he started publishing these pieces.  To keep his Digital Art distinct from his acrylic paintings he finishes them with a more impressionist look.


Tom works across a number of broad subject matter classifications.

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Digital rendering of a P-47 Thunderbolt airplane Digital rendering of an F-104 Starfighter jet at 92,000 feet
Digital rendering of a Shark Photo-realistic painiting of 3 yellow pears