Career Celebration Paintings

FrogDog Art Studios (owned and operated by a '77 Grad) presents a Class Painting unlike anything that has ever been done before.


This is your opportunity to own an original commissioned painting that speaks to your personal achievements  superimposed over a background symbolizing your classmates and fellow members of The Long Blue Line.


This painting was created to be personalized to summarize your career and how it fits within the context of your class, and your service to your country.


Here’s how it works.


We created a master painting, filled with layers of symbolism.  The master painting symbolizes the shared core of the Air Force Academy experience, the roots of our careers and our lives.   See the image below.


The individual elements of the painting provide additional symbolism.


    • The flag fills the background and represents the idea of brotherhood in service to the country above all else.   This was the backdrop, if you will, of our careers and our lives,

    • A blue line across the bottom signifies that we are members of “The Long Blue Line”, that special brotherhood forged at the Air Force Academy and unbroken since 1959.

    • The Bring Me Men ramp.

    • The Air Gardens,.

    • The Chapel.

    • A T-33, the common airplane in which early classes all got a Stardust ride, (this will be changed based on your class).

    • The terrazzo.

    • The Eagle and Fledgling statue which represents the
       foundation of knowledge, both academic and self, the Academy gave us to live our lives.

    • And hiding in the trees of the Air Gardens, the JPT  Guy is taking a stroll (Keep On Truckin' man is used with permission).  (This is unique feature for '77)


Then we overlay images that represent your career over the flag.  So far, we have rendered buildings under construction, FBI Badges and nuclear explosions, as well as numerous aircraft featuring details like tail numbers and pilot's names under the cockpit.   After the custom work is done we print it as a fine art giclee', sign it  and send it to you for framing and display.   Click on the pictures below for some  ideas:

This is an unparalleled opportunity to own a personalized painting remembering your specific career and the place where it all began.


Individually commissioned paintings can run thousands of dollars.  This is your chance to get one for a small fraction of those prices.


What's a Giclee'?

Select your personalized giclee' painting from 3 sizes:

By special request, for those who would like to remember their Academy days but are not interested in personalization, we offer a modified version of the master painting with the class ring crest.  See below.

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