ThomasAngelo served as a soldier in the U.S. Army Infantry and Special Forces.  Later, he worked as a Software Engineer, an Outplacement Consultant and as a SCUBA Instructor and Dive Guide in Hawaii. Throughout his life and many roles, however, he has always been an Artist.    After working  on the front lines of the Great Recession of 2009 as an Outplacement Consultant/Career Counselor where he focused on helping laid off workers find fulfilling new careers expressing their passions, he decided to take his own advice and now expresses his passions through his art.

Photo of FrogDog on the bottom of the ocean taking a picture of a shark

ThomasAngelo's primary medium is acrylic sprayed through an airbrush.   He won awards two years in row in the Jun-Air Annual Airbrush Competition and the first automobile he painted was a 1953 “tin” woody on which he painted the wood grain. That car took 1st Place for Best Restored Chevy in the Veteran’s Motor Car Club of America National Competition.


Much of  the preliminary work for his airbrush pieces is done with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator on the computer. Recently, he started taking these sketches to completion  as works of Digital Art and is offering these pieces to the public.


ThomasAngelo has pieces in the Air Force Academy permanent collection, the Cook Communications Ministries collection, the Doubletree Hotels collection, The National Museum of WWII Aviation and private collections in Europe, Asia and North America.



FrogDog (the guy in the blue hat) taking reference photos for new works of art.


Photo Courtesy SandySondrol.com

In 1993, ThomasAngelo designed and fabricated a flag that was flown into orbit aboard the Space Shuttle, Columbia.  Thus, taking his art

Out of this World!

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