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Finding the right lawyer is crucial to mounting an effective defense. Jaye Mendros has 30 years of trial and appellate experience in criminal law, beginning with her internship at the Oklahoma Indigent Defense System in 1991. She knows criminal cases must be handled carefully, as the competing interests of those involved can cause emotions to run high. She has a delicate touch in negotiating with the District Attorney's office on your behalf, yet is a tenacious fighter in the courtroom if negotiations fail. A firm believer that freedom is the bedrock upon which our country was built, she will fight overreaching by the State relentlessly. She is ON YOUR SIDE.

Jaye Mendros is with the Midtown Office Group at 512 NW 12th, Okc, OK 73103. TEXT 405-408-1561, or EMAIL mendroslaw@gmail.com.
Jaye Mendros graduated from the University of Oklahoma College of Law in 1994, top 10% of her class (Order of the Coif and Order of the Barristers). Always a defender of the Constitution, she won the Michael Salem Civil Rights Award and the William H. Grimes Civil Libertarian Award. Her writing skills earned her publication on Oklahoma's Law Review, on which she served as Note Editor. She also received the American Jurisprudence Award for Criminal Procedure II and Conflicts of Laws.

Ms. Mendros has worked in the Oklahoma County Public Defender's Office (general felony division), the Court of Criminal Appeals (judicial assistant to Charles S. Chapel), and the Oklahoma Indigent Defense System's DNA and Capital Trial Divisions, where she helped inmates secure release from wrongful convictions through DNA testing and defended death penalty cases before Oklahoma juries and on appeal. In 2002 she went into private practice, and in 2005 she and William H. Stout began doing business as Mendros & Stout.

In 2013, Ms. Mendros was pleased to accept a position as an adjunct professor at the University of Oklahoma College of Law, teaching law students practical skills in defending criminally accused clients. Although she enjoys teaching, Ms. Mendros' first priority is representing citizens who find themselves accused of crime.


A brief overview of just a few of Ms. Mendros' victories and successes ...
Ms. Mendros won her first NOT GUILTY verdict in a Murder One case in 1996 (State v. Wauqua, CF-95-7095). February 1996: ACQUITTAL in Second Degree Burglarly case (State v. Tecumseh; CF-94-8699).  September 2001: Life After Death Verdict in Retrial of Death Penalty Murder Case (State v. Childress). 2003: Participated in the defense of an Oklahoma lawyer who had been subpoenaed to give testimony in violation of the attorney-client privilege against a client who was facing first degree murder charges; the Court ruled in favor of the defense, and the privilege was protected. 2004: helped a former police officer with PTSD from the Oklahoma City Bombing who was charged in four separate felony drug cases that carried up to life in prison receive straight deferred sentences, escaping even a felony conviction on his record. May 2006: DISMISSAL of all criminal cases pending against Oklahoma County Tattoo Artists.  May 2007: Awarded Permanent Injunction against State enforcement of unconstitutional tattoo regulations (CJ-07-988).  May 2007: Secured REVERSAL FOR NEW TRIAL in Manslaughter case (White v. State; F-05-110).  June 2008: AQUITTAL in First Degree Murder case (Oklahoma County CF-07-1542).  October 2008: Secured REVERSAL FOR NEW TRIAL on appeal in Second Degree Murder case (Morphew v. State; F-2007-201).  October 2008: Successfully defended the Honorable Jerry D. Bass on appeal against State's challenge to Court's ruling (State v. Bass; PR-2008-575). May 2011: Helped draft SB250, The Chanda Turner Reform Act, giving Oklahoma families a means to appeal incorrect death certificates issued by the Medical Examiner's Office. In 2012, she successfully negotiated a First Degree Murder case down, REDUCING it to manslaughter and four (4) years to serve (State v. Hamon et al). 2013: Secured release from custody at a Sentence Modification hearing for client on an Assault with a Deadly Weapon case (Oklahoma County CF-2010-5104) & for another client on drug charges (Oklahoma County CF-2010-3499). 2014: Murder charges DISMISSED against client (Oklahoma County CF-2013-6872); 2015: Straight probationary sentence won for soldier with PTSD after lenghty blind plea sentencing (Garvin County CF-2012-111 & CF-13-43); 2017: Murder charges DISMISSED against client (Oklahoma County CF-2017-6385), and secured straight probation for Manslaughter client (Oklahoma County CF-16-5610). 2017: At retrial after granting of post-conviction relief, client's original sentence reduced by several years (Bryan County CF-2001-459).

She has also successfully represented citizens facing a potential murder/other felony charges BEFORE charges were filed, preventing the filing of charges all together ("Pre-filing Representation").

A firm believer in the power of recovery, Ms. Mendros also helps clients seek and receive treatment and fights for probationary sentences in drug and alcohol-related cases.

With extensive experience in homicide cases, Ms. Mendros is also available for consulting and to conduct independent reviews of suspicious and/or wrongful deaths. She is currently representing families who are battling the Oklahoma State Medical Examiner's Office. Their efforts resulted in the passage of the Chanda Turner Reform Act, which took effect Nov. 1, 2011, and gives families of the deceased a legal mechanism to correct death certificates that are in error.

TEXT 405-408-1561 or EMAIL mendroslaw@gmail.com for help today.
Ms. Mendros is a staunch opponent of the Death Penalty and is an active member of Amnesty International. She is a member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers [NACDL], the Oklahoma County Criminal Defense Lawyers Association [OCCDLA], the Oklahoma Criminal Defense Lawyers Association [OCDLA], the Oklahoma Bar Association (OBA), the American Bar Association (ABA), and the Southern Poverty Law Center [SPLC]. She is also a member of the Ruth Bader Ginsburg American Inns of Court.
Jaye Mendros has dedicated her career to defending citizens accused of crimes and finding the best possible resolution to her clients' legal difficulties.

She also takes on cases involving the Medical Examiner's Office where homicide investigations and cause/manner of death were botched by the authorities.

She has impacted the law in the State of Oklahoma in countless ways.

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