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   SkoglundFarm Vizsla's

Welcome to SkoglundFarm Vizsla!

From farm life in South Dakota,
to AKC and UKC Conformation Shows
to Hunt Tests and Field Trials
to competing on the Bird Dog Circuit
to working as guide dogs in Wyoming and South Dakota
to working as a Service Dog
to being loving and loyal family pets
to sleeping on the foot of my bed!

Our Vizslas have been there!

We only have one or two littrs a year. If you think you may want a puppy from us - Give us a call!


We strive for the total package!

Hunting drive
Good temperaments
Strong Pedigrees

Our dogs are double registered in the
AKC (American Kennel Club)
and the
UKC (United Kennel Club)


Here is how the love of Vizsla's started.

I obtained a pup that was a Vizsla with a touch of accidental German Shorthair in her bloodline.

Her name was Gypsy, And Gypsy became a hunting machine!

I was hooked on the Vizsla qualities I saw in this dog. As Gyspy aged into midlife - the search for my first purebred Vizsla began.

Gypsy and I had some amazing days guiding and hunting wild pheasants on the Skoglund farm!

And the journey with our Vizslas started ------- and its been a fun fun ride!


Give Paul a call at 507-221-1370
Or email us at


We are proud to be members of the

Vizsla Club of America

United Vizsla Club

Pheasants Forever,

MN Waterfowl Association,

the National Rifle Association,

and supporters of the Wounded Warriors in Action

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