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Custom Farm Toys was founded in 1999 by Brad McPherson, Brian Swain, and Chris Hardin. We put together this little venture to help close the gap on the farm toy market in the southern part of the United States. Since we started we have lost one of our partners to a job which made it to where he could not build toys like he wanted to and was forced ot quit for the time being. And this past year Brian decided he wanted to hang it up so I bought him out. Now it is just me trying to stay on top of everything. We specialize in cotton and grain equipment. We started in cotton and grain equipment and have had great success in that area since day one. Our lineup consists of: detailed tractors, combines, cotton pickers and several scratch built implements. We are also up to trying just about anything there is out there, doesnt hurt to ask and we will give you a quote if we think we can build it. We attend several toy shows in the delta area. Our show list is as follows: Jackson, Tn; Sikeston, Mo; Memphis, Tn; Paragould, Ar; and Lousiville, Ky. Look for as at these shows. We carry several items on hand and are constantly building for shows, we also carry al large stock of package toys (NIP) and have access to just about everything on the market. Thanks for looking at our site and hope to fulfill the gap in your toy collection someday.

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