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1/64 scale air compressor. Comes unfinished or painted. Colors include: blue, yellow, red, green, black, and grey. price unfinished $4.00 each. Painted $7.50 each.

Cast teardrop style saddle tanks and rack for case ih, new holland, buhler, massy, and agco tractors. Unfinished $4.50 Finished and Painted $9.00. Colors available: yellow, white, and grey.

Front tank and rack. They are $7.25 painted, $4.00 unpainted

CoCo MFG Saddle tanks. Top rack is for MX series tractors, bottom rack all the rest. $9.00 painted, $4.50 unpainted.

Top Air style saddle tanks. Fit most tractors. $9.00 painted, $4.50 unpainted.

Oxygen and Acetelene bottles. Unpainted only $2.50.

NH3 Shanks. Unpainted only $1.00 ea.

The original CPL/Montezuma style toolbox. Beware of all the knockoff's out there. Upainted $3.00, painted $5.00. They come in red, white, black, green, and blue.

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