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REDUCED JD 4930 authentic's. #2 in the series. $15.00 while supplies last!!!!

9986 Cotton Picker. $20.00 We have 6 in stock!!!!

JD 2006 Farm show edition 9660STS combine. $22.00 each we have 2 in stock!!!!

JD 7720 Combine. $15.00 each we have 1 in stock!!!!

CIH 530 4wd tractor. $8.00 each. We have 5 in stock!!!!

CIH 210 Puma. $8.00 each. We have 1 in stock!!!!

CIH MXU135 Trator. $4.50 each we have 5 in stock!!!!

REDUCED Frontier Gravity Flow Cart. $3.50each While supplies last!!!!

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